Innovations for better health

«Norway, land of the midnight sun known for its pure nature, clean air and water» 

Developed in Norway

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Our knowledge

  • Zobrius Pharma develops, produces and markets unique health supplements.
  • All our supplements are developed in Norway.
  • Sustainable and based on natural raw materials.

Our Vision

  • Become an important contributor in selected segments of health supplements, OTC products and prescription free drugs.
  • Introducing innovative products enabling people to obtain better health.

Our products

Innovative, natural sustainable health products


Natural calcium from healthy Norwegian eggs.
Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.


Formulated with Cistus Incanus containing 23% polyphenols.
Contributes to maintain a normally functioning immune system


For a better day after!
Contributes to recovery from headache, fatigue, nausea.


The experts behind
our products

The experts on the Scientific Advisory Board have extensive international experience from highly recognized universities including clinical trials published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Their merits include state of the art R&D with proven results.

Our scientific experts use their cutting-edge knowledge and experience formulating innovative products for better health.

Clinical Test. Scientist With Microscope In Laboratory

«The opportunity to develop innovations for better health is
the greatest privilege a researcher can wish for.» 

Bjørn T. Langeland, Chief Scientific Officer

The Board of Directors, Management and Scientific Advisory Board have extensive international knowledge and experience from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Over the Counter Drugs (OTC), Prescription Drugs (Rx), Finance, Law and Research & Development with documented results.

Board of Directors

Henning Stene, MBA
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Grethe S. Birketvedt, MD, PhD

Astrid Green, Master of Management

Børge S. Nygårdshaug, Attorney at Law

Sverre A. Slaastad, MBA


Steinar Ask Magnussen, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Magdalena Urbanik, BBA
Chief Operating Officer

Bjørn T. Langeland, PhD Biochemistry
Chief Scientific Officer and member of Scientific Advisory Board

Magnus A. O. A. Magnussen, BBA Marketing Management
Operations Manager

Scientific Advisory Board

Einar P. H. Jensen, PhD, Professor Pharmacy
Chairman Scientific Advisory Board and member of management team

Grethe S. Birketvedt, MD, PhD

Jon R. Florholmen, MD, PhD, Professor Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Natural and sustainable health supplements are growing rapidly due to the on-going NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE MEGA TREND.

Natural and sustainable health supplements are growing rapidly due to the on-going NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE MEGA TREND.

The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the usage of self-medication products.

Our studies

Zobrius Pharma´s scientists have designed several scientific studies which are under planning .

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Innovations for better health


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