Innovations for better health

«Norway, land of the midnight sun known for its pure nature, clean air and water»

Developed in Norway

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We develop, produce and market unique health supplements.


  • Become an important contributor in selected segments of health supplements, OTC products and prescription free drugs.
  • Introducing innovative products enabling people to obtain better health.


  • Improve people’s quality of life.
  • Reducing health risks.
  • Introducing natural and sustainable products with proven health benefits as alternatives to presently used products.


  • Select key market segments with high prevalence (large number of potential users).
  • Introduce scientifically proven natural products as alternatives to presently used treatments.
  • Introduce innovative products where no treatment alternatives are presently available.

Products with proven
health benefits

Our products have active ingredients which offer health benefits described in scientific studies published in recognized journals, scientific literature and clinical trials.

Our scientific experts use their cutting-edge expertise in R&D formulating innovative products for better health.

Our management team has comprehensive experience of transforming product concepts from the laboratory to unique products appreciated by the consumers.

Zobrius Pharma markets premium quality natural, sustainable health products.

  1. * Scientific publication, Seigo Sakai et al. J. NutrSciVitaminol.
    63.120-124, 2017 Asian Nutrition and Food Culture Research Center, Jumonji University, Saitama, Japan.
  2. * Maxx-Calzium was not part of the study however the main actiing redient is natural granulated eggshells.

Focus on quality

Ingredients and raw materials are sourced from high quality natural sources.

Our raw material suppliers follow strict guidelines to ensure purity and quality. All raw materials are tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

Our products are produced by OEM partners with significant experience in production of health supplements.

Our OEM producers have, GMP -, HACCP -, ISO certification.

“The opportunity to develop innovations for better health is
the greatest privilege a researcher can wish for.”

Bjørn T. Langeland, Chief Scientific Officer

The people behind

The experts on the Scientific Advisory Board have extensive international experience from highly recognized universities including clinical trials published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Their merits include state of the art R&D with proven results.

Our scientific experts use their cutting-edge knowledge and experience formulating innovative products for better health.

Clinical Test. Scientist With Microscope In Laboratory

Innovations for better health